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The T2M Energy Vision

  Our motto is we live “today-to-morrow.”  We are dedicated to bring current alternative energy technologies to the forefront and look to develop the next generation of green technology.  Working with local and national government agencies, our goal is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.  We will show the world that we are a responsible organization dedicated to safer and cleaner forms of energy.  Our vision is a world relying more on wind, geothermal and solar energy sources and less on coal, nuclear and oil.

T2M will strive to become the leader in this constantly changing and growing industry.  Our doors will always be open to those who share these goals.

As Americans, we are one small piece of a global puzzle.  What we do as a country, directly affects the rest of the world.  What we do as individuals, directly affects people living in all corners of globe. Once we understand this concept, and learn to live according to it, we can achieve a true global community.

T2M will help us get to that future, one solar power improvement at at a time.


The T2M Energy Team


Jason C. Burgwald - President

A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, Jake Burgwald spent his formative professional years learning the subtleties and nuances of the US Government contracting and procurement system. An expert in logistics, Jake’s experiences with budgetary control, project and team management, propelled him into the test and measurement field of mechanical engineering supporting notable client’s as: Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab, Lockheed Martin, Ball Aerospace, US Army and US Air Force Space Systems.

Emerson W. Swan II - CEO

Emerson is a business start-up, technology, and software executive with 30 years of experience in the Silicon Valley. With a degree in Electrical engineering and Computers from Stanford University, Emerson has worked with many leading companies in the computer and software industries, as well as government, education, and research, to help them bring their technical visions to life, as new businesses, new products, and new information systems.

Linda I. Hwang – CFO

A DePaul University graduate with a diverse entrepreneurial and professional background. An accountant by trade, Linda has worked in numerous industries, including commercial construction, retail, and human resources consulting for companies with over 3,500 employees and generating annual revenues exceeding $300,000,000. As a business owner, Linda successfully operated a cleaning franchise, a billing service, and a manufacturing company. Linda has been involved in consulting with several alternative energy developers and manufacturers to increase their productivity on many levels.

Dean Kayes – COO

Dean is a corporate finance and transactional attorney who has served as General Counsel for a variety of technology, finance and media companies. Dean has also service as Vice President of Business Development in the telecommunications and construction development industry. Dean has extensive contacts and relationships with consulting and manufacturing companies specializing in green renewable technology including solar, LED and fuel cell technologies. Dean will develop and extend T2M Energy relationships with supply, engineering, consulting, manufacturing, distribution and aggregation affiliates and create business and consulting opportunities for T2M Energy.

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